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What makes us so special?

Our belts are so special due to their individual design and extraordinary quality. The Classic-Series is marked by the three colours. For the Exclusive-Series we only use Toile-de-Jouy cotton, normally used in the furniture industry. With our configuration we offer up to 1 billion different colour combinations. No matter what colour you like on the outside or inside, different buckles or leather endings, it is all up to you, to choose your favorite combination. When closing the belt, the inside colours comes visible on the outside, making the belt special and it is the very special twist. We are particularly proud of our charitable production in Munich. This institution supports long-time unemployed and people with minor disabilities.

What material are we using?

All Belts are made from pure cotten. Opposite to the most commercial products, we iron a mat of fibre onto the inside, making the belt stronger and more durable. The metallic buckle is nickel plated and the leather is from real cows ;).

How can I clean the belt?

Please only dry-clean the belt! The metallic buckle doesn't really make up with your washing maschine

How do I measure my waist size?

Drei Gürteltiere – Stoff- und Ledergürtel  Längenberechnung In general, your waise-size is the belt size you need. We automatically add 15cm for the overlap, that is needed to close the belt. The size is normally printed on belts you already have in your wardrobe. Just check it our. That is the size you need. If your waist is 100cm, than order a belt with the waist-size of 100cm or 105cm just to be sure. A longer overlapp for cotton belts is really no problem and sometimes preferred. Leather belts: That the leather belt fits properly, you have to measure an existing belt, or from the format or the buckle, to the middle or most used hole (see in graph)

The belt will be a present and you don't know the size? Here we can help! typical men-sizes start at 95cm waist-size. Girls need a belt beginning at 80cm, depending on their statue.


Möglichkeiten der Längenermittlung:
1. Existing leather belt In most belts the size is printed on the Insider in cm. Just use this size as indication. Or measure the distance from the top of the buckle, to the middle, or most used hole of your favorite belt at home. This picture indicates from where to where you have to measure. 2. existing cotton belt If you already have a cotton belt, just take a ruler and measure it. Then deduct 15cm and you have your waist-size and the size we need from you. 3. Size of your trousers The waist-size is always on the inside of any pair of your trousers. Use this table to convert the size of trousers to your waist-size. If you want to be sure, just order a size larger, just in case. 4. Use a measuring tape Measure your waist-size with an ordinary tape.

Bundweite (cm)

Inch (z.B Jeans)

zu bestellende Größe (Bundweite)


28 und 29



30 und 31



32 und 33



34 und 35























How long takes the shipment? 

We produce the belt within 5 working days and ship it directly to you. If you order a bag, the shipment leaves us within 2 working days. Please bare in mind, that each belt is produced individually for you. In case the belt does not meet our quality standards, we might have to produce it again, which can cause some delay. However, we and our sewing ladies are doing their upmost best to get the product to you as soon as possible. Depending on the mail, your order will be with you within 3-6 days. If you need the product earlier for a present or such, just send us a mail and we will see what we can do, to speed it up. As soon as the order leaves our production, you will get a separate shipment confirmation

How much is the shippment?

DE Germany
Belt and Voucher: per order 3 EUR

Within Germany we offer free-shipping for all orders above 60Û.
EU Europa
Belts and Vouchers: Per order 5 EUR
Bag: 17 EUR
World Welt
Belt and Voucher: per order 6 EUR
Bag: 22 EUR

We are trying to keep the shipment cost as low and fair as possible. The belts are therefor send in an envelope, that fits into your mailbox, even if you are not at home.
Bags are send as normal parcels, standard economy.

I would like to order belts in my school or teamcolour or my company. Can you do that?

Sure we can! We can offer you all colours you get in our configurator. For a larger quantity, we can offer you more favorable prices. Just contact us here Kontakt mit uns auf.
Here are some examples:

How can I pay?

We are offering following payment methods:

Advance Payment: Simple and save. Just transfer the money onto our account by using the IBAN and BIC code. You will get your bill as soon as you complete your order. The necessary payment information is all stated on the bill. As soon as we credit your payment, your order will be send.

Sofortüberweisung: Schnell und sicher per Sofortüberweisung. Für diese TÜV- geprüfte Zahlungsoption brauchen Sie lediglich die PIN und TAN Ihres Onlinebanking. Nach ein paar wenigen Schritten ist die Zahlung abgeschlossen.

PayPal: Save, easy and fast. Select this payment methode and you will be transferred to Paypal right after the checkout process. You simply have to approve the payment to Drei GŸrteltiere.

Lastschriftverfahren: Für diese Methode benötigen wir lediglich Ihre Bankdaten. Wir belasten Ihr Konto mit dem Rechnungsbetrag und dieser wird automatisch in den nächsten Tagen von Ihrem Konto abgebucht. Vorteile für Sie: schnell, sicher und unkompliziert.

There will of course be no further charges for any payment method.

The belt designer

Individual T-Shirts, shirts or of course cars are no big deal. The have been around for some time. And exactly the way they work, our belt-configurator works! See what you get. You can choose from a wide range of ground colours, ribbon colours and buckles. No matter if you want your belt to be on both sides the same or add another twist to it, by choosing different colours on the inside, the belt will be as individual as you like. It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves fashion or is looking for something more extravagant. In only a few clicks you can select from more than 1 billion different designs.

What is the idea behind Drei Gürteltiere? 

Drei Gürteltiere translates to Three Amadillo. We are just two, and on boss. Remember Michael Endes bog Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver? They are also only 12 and one "Boss" Whoever that might be. How did we come up with the idea of colored cotton Belts? We were just fed up with all the dark and grey colours in our wardrobe. A belt is the perfect and best accessory to brighten up your fashion. We wanted to offer something unique and give everybody the chance to be different, with only a small but fashionable statement. Drei GŸrteltiere were born.

Who are the Drei Gürteltiere?

Christian (30) facebook Google+ Xing he is the head behind the idea and the products of Drei Gürteltiere. Christian is responsible for production, sales, marketing and product development.

Henrik (32) facebook Google+ Xing after his studdies of Law, Henrik gathered some start-up experience and consultant. He quitted his consultant job and is now in charge of all technical matters. He is making a great job in keeping the platform running. His ideas and spirit to develop things further are a great inspiration.

Who is producing the belts and where?

We live the Motto "Made to measure - Made in Munich". All belts are made by a charitable institution in the Bavarian capital, Munich. The production offers person with migration background and long-time unemployed a place to work and to integrate into society. For us, this production is an important partner, we do not want to miss and could not work without.

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